2017 Doctor Day Issue Papers

Expansion of the Child Psychiatry Consultation Program

The CPCP is a consultation program designed to assist primary care providers (PCP) in the regional hubs who care for pediatric patients with mental health concerns. The program offers phone or e-mail access to PCP's by expert psychiatric consultation services. We are asking for additional funding to expand the program to additional regions in the state. Read more.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Physicians have a vital role to play in fighting the opioid epidemic. As the country has become more aware of the number of patients becoming addicted to opioids after taking a legally provided prescription, Wisconsin physicians have already taken steps to reduce the number of opioid prescriptions issued to patients. Legislators are asked to support the latest HOPE Agenda bills that are aimed to provider greater availability of addiction-related treatment and workforce resources. Read more.


Wisconsin's Medicaid program is a vital source of health care for more than a million citizens who otherwise cannot afford or access care. The Medicaid program also reduces the amount of uncompensated care, as patients without insurance often seek primary care in Emergency Departments where the Federal EMTALA law requires that all patients receive care whether they can pay or not. Read more.

Specialty Society and Partner Papers

Issue papers have also been shared by a number of the Specialty Societies and Partners hosting Doctor Day.

- The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians is a statewide association of Family Medicine doctors which represents over 2,900 members, making the WAFP the single largest physician specialty group in Wisconsin. WAFP’s 2017-2018 priorities are improving the delivery of patient care, strengthening the physician workforce, and improving the medical liability climate. Read more about current priorities and the Association in their current issue paper.

- The Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology is proposing a bill that would allow "early eyedrop refill". The legislation has been passed in a number of other states, and helps support patients with Glaucoma and chronic eye conditions. A summary of the issue and proposed solutions is attached.
- The Wisconsin Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians is working to ensure we are able to adequately staff our state’s emergency rooms with trained, qualified emergency medicine physicians. Read more about this issue in the Chapter’s issue page. View the attached summary.
- The Wisconsin Medical Group Management Association is proposing a bill that would provide funding for clinics in rural and underserved areas of the state to assist with providing access to interpreter services. The attached summary reviews the issue and proposed solution in more detail.
- The Wisconsin Psychiatric Association is the district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. The Association works to advance the profession and support patients through advocacy, physician engagement, education and career development. More information about WPA and their current priorities are available on their current issue paper.
- The Wisconsin Radiological Society works to advance the science and practice of radiological services to patients through education and advocacy. The Society’s issue paper addresses the proposed elimination of the Radiography Examining Board. View the current issue paper.

- The Wisconsin Section of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is the leading professional association of physicians specializing in women’s health care. The Wisconsin Section represents over 600 obstetricians and gynecologists from throughout the state and works to protect and improve the health and welfare of all women in Wisconsin. More information about WI-ACOG and their priorities are attached.

- The Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists opposes the current effort around the nation to convince state legislatures to authorize Nurse Anesthetists to administer anesthesia and perform Interventional Pain Management medicine independent from physician supervision or collaboration. More information about WSA and details about this effort is attached.
- The Wisconsin Surgical Society is a chapter of the American College of Surgeons. The Wisconsin Surgical Society represents over 150 surgeons from throughout the state that strive to ensure Wisconsinites have access to high quality surgical care. Basic areas continue to plague the effective care of surgical patients that are important to reiterate and revisit in the on-going relationship building with medical colleagues and legislators. Read more about WSS and details regarding their priorities in their current issue paper.