Tools and Resources

2021 Priority Issues:

Virtual Event Platform for Attendees

Doctor Day 2021 is being streamed live​ through the Whova event platform. Registered attendees are strongly encouraged to create their Whova account and become familiar with the platform prior to the event. Whova offers a web-based option for those wishing to attend via their desktop/laptop computer, and also a mobile app option.

Access Whova here. If you haven't used Whova before, create an account using the email you used to register for Doctor Day and your choice of passwords.  Once logged in, you'll be able to connect live to all sessions through the Agenda tab. 

Be sure to also check out the Community Board for engagement and assistance during the event. 

Sponsor/Host Informational Position Papers:

Addiction Medicine | WISAM 2021 Handout (link)

Anesthesiology } WSA 2021 Handout (link)

Dermatology | WDS 2021 Handout (link)

Emergency Medicine | WACEP 2021 Handout (link)

Family Medicine | WAFP 2021 Handout (link)

Neurology | WNS 2021 Handout (link)

Obstetrics and Gynecology | WI-ACOG 2021 Handout (link)

Ophthalmology | WAO 2021 Handout (link)

Orthopaedic Surgery | WOS 2021 Handout (link)

Psychiatry | WPA 2021 Handout (link)

Radiology | WRS 2021 Handout (link)

Surgery | WSS 2021 Handout (link)

UW Health | UW Health 2021 Handout (link)

WisMed Assure | WisMed 2021 Handout (link)